Several low-calorie recipes should be in the arsenal of any housewife. It is a skill worth its weight in gold to cook deliciously and beautifully serve a dietary dish. Oven-baked dorada or hake in a creamy sauce are perfect for a romantic dinner, while pumpkin and mushroom noodles are a great example of the fall menu. Fresh, low-calorie snacks with seeds and pomegranates look beautiful on the table and are combined with meat and poultry dishes on the menu. On the site there are many recipes for making low-calorie low-fat soups, desserts, hot meat and fish dishes that will make the diet varied and balanced. For example, creamy onion soup, banana biscuits or spaghetti with seafood have long been a scarecrow for weight watchers: there is no sugar in special recipes, but healthy whole grain flour and high-protein ingredients.

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Pumpkin and mushroom noodles are a simple and tasty autumn dish, where the sweetness of pumpkin meets the brooding, almost meaty taste of mushrooms, and