Real homemade noodles are made exclusively by hand. Freshly prepared, it will add a zest and a special flavor to any dish, be it a soup or a second. It can be prepared from wheat or rice flour mixed in water with the addition of fresh eggs. The homemade egg noodle recipe is based on flour, salt, yolks, water and olive oil. From this dough, you can cut not only simple long strips, but also homemade fettuccine pappardelle, tagliatelle and other favorite pasta. Making homemade noodles is a real art that takes time and patience. But no store noodles can compare with homemade ones. Traditionally, flour is poured into a slide on the table and a depression is made in the center, where water is poured, an egg is broken and salt is poured. The dough is kneaded by hand, rolled out thinly and cut. Prepared by boiling in boiling water or broth. Homemade noodles, especially rice noodles, can be added to salads and cold snacks. It goes well with chicken, chuka and soy sauce. Our authors share step-by-step recipes for making homemade noodles and photos for them.

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Pumpkin and mushroom noodles are a simple and tasty autumn dish, where the sweetness of pumpkin meets the brooding, almost meaty taste of mushrooms, and